Services at Beijing Capital Airport

Global Kitchen at T3

The T3 food-service area is called a “global kitchen,” where 72 stores provide food ranging from formal dishes to fast food, from Chinese to western, from bakery goods to ice cream. Airport officials have promised that people who buy products at the airport will see the same prices as in Central Beijing.



In addition to food and beverage businesses, there is a convenience-service area which includes banks, business centres, Internet services and more. The commercial area is twice the size of Beijing’s Lufthansa Shopping Centres.

An incredible variety of restaurants, bars, and shops can be found throughout the 3 terminals of the airport.


It also provides:

- Hotel Information

- Medical Services

- Meet-and-greet Service (for a fee)

- Winter Clothing Safekeeping (free)

- Conference & Exhibition Services

- Post Office

- Banks

- Foreign Currency Exchange: Terminal 2, first floor; Terminal 3, Concourse C. Travelex is also located in T3, and Hang Seng Bank.

- Dressing Rooms: at the 3 terminals.

- Children’s Play Area

- Art installations

- Tourist information

- Courtesy Phones

- Nursing Room

- Public Telephone

- Drinking Water

- Free Charging Powers

- Handicapped-User-Friendly Facilities, etc.

- Business Center: at the 3 terminals.

Terminal 1: 2nd floor, gate 2.

Terminal 2: 2nd floor, gate 14.

Terminal 3: 4th floor, Check-in Area H.

- Lounges: in the 3 terminals. Comfy and enjoyable rooms to stay with different types of rooms and services. There are various options of pay lounges through the three terminals. In Terminal 3 Concourse E passengers can book their ticket online.