Terminals Beijing Capital Airport: Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3

Beijing Airport consists of 3 operative passenger terminals named as Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.


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Transfer between terminals

Terminal 1 and 2 are close to each other, whilst Terminal 3 is located away from the other two (about 5 km). It is important to keep in mind this information if passengers need to go from one terminal to another, it can take time.


Distances between Beijing’s Terminals are large. It is strongly recommended to have enough time to go from one terminal to another.


To transfer between Beijing Airport Terminals, passengers have at their disposal inter-terminal shuttles that runs between terminals from 06:00 am to 11:00 pm, every 10 minutes, and also between 11:00 pm and 06:00 am every 15-30 minutes.



- Terminal 1: Outside Gate 7 (First level)

- Terminal 2: Outside Gate 7 (First level)

- Terminal 3: Gate 5 (First level).


Please note that those buses follows the route: Terminal 3 (First level) - Terminal 2 (Departures) - Terminal 1(Departures) - Terminal 2 (Arrivals) - Terminal 1 (Arrivals) - Terminal 3 (Departures).


On the other hand, to transfer between the terminal buildings of Beijing Airport Terminal 3, there's the Airport Express, a light-rail service that connects both buildings within four minutes. Frequency is about three minutes.




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Beijing Airport Terminal 1

Beijing Airport Terminal 1 stands for the domestic terminal in the airport, which serves regional flights to major Chiniese cities.

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Beijing Airport Terminal 2

Beijing Airport Terminal 2 serves both domestic and international services of over 35 carriers.

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Beijing Airport Terminal 3

Beijing Airport Terminal 3, also called the Dragon Terminal, is the second-largest terminal building in the world.

It is home of international and domestic flights of the not represented carriers in the other two terminals.

Given its complexity, it is internally connected by the Airport Express.

Its 120 boarding gates are distributed in three Concourses: Concourse C, Concurse D and Concourse E.

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