Beijing Capital Airport Terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3

Beijing airport has 3 operative passenger terminals named as Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.


Terminal 1 and 2 are close to each other, Terminal 3 is located more away from the other two. It is important to keep in mind this information if passengers need to go from one terminal to another, it can take time.


Terminal 1

Currently it is the smallest terminal at Beijing airport.

It serves domestic flights.

The terminal building was refurbished in 2008.


In front of the Terminal 1 it is located the Parking Garage NO. 1, which has 700 parking spaces. The Taxi Parking is close to the terminal too.

Terminal 1 links directly with the Huoyun North Road.


Airlines Terminal 1

The airlines that operate from Terminal 1 are the following ones:

- Fuzhou Airlines

- Grand China Airlines Domestic

- Capital Airlines

- Hainan Airlines Domestic

- Tianjin Airlines

- Spring Airlines Co., Ltd.

- Lucky Air Company Limited


Terminal 2

Before the opening of Terminal 3, Terminal 2 was the Main Terminal at Beijing airport. It was inaugurated in 1999. C

urrently manages international and domestic flights and operates with more than 35 airlines.


In front of the Terminal 2 it is located the Parking Garage Nº2 with more than 4,200 parking spaces.


Terminal 1 and 2 are linked by a walkway (15 minutes walk) and there is a shuttle bus service that connects both terminals as well.


Various hotels are located in the vicinities of both hotels as: Capital Airport Hotel, Airport Garden Hotel or Jinglin Hotel, among others. You can have a look at the best hotel to stay in the Hotel online page


Airlines Terminal 2

The airlines are:

- Capital Airlines International Flights

- Nordwind Airlines



- Jeju Air

- Hebei Airelines

- Dynamic Airways

- Air Algerie


- JSC Airline Taimyr

- Yukutia Airlines

- Air Leisure

- China Southern Airlines

- Asia Airlines

- JSC Aurora Airlines

- Cebu Pacific Air

- Shanghai Airlines

- Tajik Air

- Sky Angkor Airlines

- Delta Air Lines

- Russian International Airlines

- Garuda Indonesia Airlines

- Mega Global Air Services (Maldives) Pvt. Ltd.

- Chongqing Airlines

- Hainan Airlines International

- China Eastern Airlines

- Xiamen Airlines

- Korean Airlines

- Hongkong Airlines

- Air France

- Uzbekistan Airlines

- Klm Royal Dutch Airlines

- Air Astana

- Air Koryo

- Iran National Airlines

- Sri Lanka Airlines

- Turkmenistan Airlines

- Vietnam Airlines



Terminal 3

It is also named as the Dragon Terminal. Since it’s opening in 2008, it is the Main Terminal of Beijing airport. It handles International and Domestic arrivals.


Terminal 3 is divided in three Concourses known as Concourse C, D and E (from South to North).


Concourse C (blue)

it handles the domestic flights (Level 2 of the building), with the exception of Air China, this airline uses also Concourse D to operate with some of it’s domestic flights.


It has 4 levels: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

- Level 2: Security (APM train)

- Level 3: it is the satellite concourse area. It has gates from C37 to C19 (north), from gates C1 to C18 (south) and gates from C51 to C57 (center). These last ones are served by a shuttle bus service that run to Level 1.

- Level 4: Domestic and International Check-in and Baggage Claim area.


Concourse D (green)

it is the building located in the middle of the Terminal complex, between Concourse C and E. It only operates by some domestic flights of Air China.


It has 4 levels:

- Ground Level: transportation, Mass Rapid Transit Service.

- Level 1: Security and passenger’s transfer area.

- Level 2: Departures.

- Level 3: Arrivals (there are located the VIP Lounges).


Concourse E (yellow)

it handles international flights. It includes Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong flights.


Gates are divided between North side and South side.

- North side: has gates from E20 to E36.

- South side: has gates from E1 to E19.


Inside the building there are located gates from E51 to E62. They are served by a shuttle bus service that runs to Level 1 of the terminal building.


Parking Garage Nº 3 is the closest one from Terminal 3. In front of the parking garage it is located the Bus Parking. There are two hotels located next to Terminal 3: Longham Place Hotel (West Lake is close from the building) Hilton Hotel


Airlines Terminal 3

Airlines that operate from Terminal 3:

- Alitalia

- Donghai Airlines

- Air Seychelles


- Mahan Air



- Hawaiian Airlines Inc.

- Tibet Airlines Corporation Limited

- Globus Airlines

- Air Mauritius Limited

- LOT Polish Airlines

- Air China

- Swiss international Airlines Ltd.

- Da Lian Airlines

- Shandong Airlines

- Sichuan Airlines

- Austrian Airlines

- Scandinavian Airlines


- Asiana Airlines

- Air Canada

- United Airlines

- ANA Airlines

- Turkish Airlines

- Egypt Airlines

- Thai Airways International

- Singapore Airlines

- Finnair

- Cathay Pacific

- British Airways

- Japan Airlines

- Dragonair

- Emirates Airlines

- Israel Airlines

- Qatar Airlines

- S7 Airlines

- Air Macau

- China Airlines

- Etihad Airways

- BR Eva Air

- Shenzhen Airlines

- Mongolia Airlines

- Ural Airlines

- American Airlines Inc.


- Ethiopian Airlines Share Co.

- Philippine Airlines

- Malaysia Airlines

- Shanghai Juneyao Airlines Co., Ltd.


Transfers between Terminals

Distances between Beijing’s Terminals are large. It is strongly recommended to have enough time to go from one terminal to another.


There are various shuttle buses that run every 10 minutes between the 3 Terminals (1, 2, 3).

- Hours: from 6 am to 11 pm.


The stops at the terminals are located in:

- Terminal 1: outside Gate 7 First floor

- Terminal 2: outside Gate 7 First floor

- Terminal 3: Gate 5 First floor